Dignity therapy was created by Professor Harvey Chochinov of Canada based on an empirical model of dignity at the end of life. Research has taken place in at least 11 countries over the past 13+ years to establish the efficacy of dignity therapy and it is widely accepted into clinical practice in palliative care settings.  

The goal of dignity therapy is to address suffering in dying by affirming dignity.  Using a step-by-step intervention, a trained therapist invites people with life-limiting conditions to reflect on their life, find meaning, and leave messages for loved ones in a written, narrative document.

Links to Stories about dignity therapy

Beautiful story of Bruno Cozzella, in his own words, about the experience of Dignity Therapy.

Dedicated to the memory of Bruno Cozzella~ This is the story of Torquay man, Bruno Cozzella who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2016. From his diagnosis, Bruno received support from a number of Barwon Health services, working together to aid in addressing Bruno's physical symptoms, his existential distress and the concerns of his wife and sons.